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Speech Writing

Speech Writing

Speeches are important because they are meant to address a particular purpose that an audience ought to be made well aware of. The most important thing in writing speeches is making known the purpose of a speech and what is to be addressed. In identifying the purpose, there is, need to recognize the audience and know what would be more appealing to them and the best way of presenting such an argument.


    A speech is meant to make an audience aware of something in particular which is often considered as the purpose of the speech. Anything considered to bore the audience should be kept at bay in order to allow the key points of the speech to be precise and educative. In addressing all these, it is important to consider the audience which the speech is meant to enlighten. For example, it becomes boring to address junior high school students for two hours on leadership and development. The same topic would be so appealing to college students because of the vast experience that they have gained and their state of mind.

    The purpose of the speech ought to be informative, entertaining and descriptive. A speech is meant to persuade an audience to develop some liking for the speaker and what the speaker stands for. However, it is also constructive at times to go against common public thinking and come up with something original. So the format of a good speech should be the statement of purpose, goal statement, and the thesis statement. The body should address the main points of the speech paying attention to some attention getter clauses and transition statements wooing the audience to move with the speaker. Finally, the transition statements must show movement from a stage to the net and a conclusion to wrap up the entire speech. A speech must be structured in a way recognizing the audience and their stage of mental development.


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Our clients perform best in speech writing because of the practices that our writers have made a norm for many years. We appreciate the role that expansive reading plays in composing the best speech. Our writers do not only read speeches and stories or narratives; rather, they read information from several disciplines such as history, comparative religion, science, religion, philosophy, news, law, business, arts, and many others. This practice enables them to get a broader perspective and have a wealth of information that will make the speeches that they right to be substantial and full in content. The secret is to read widely and wildly to get the relevant information because most speeches are based on the emerging issues that must be addressed by not only looking at the present and the future but also looking at the past. Speech Writing