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An essay, in general terms, refers to a piece of writing that gives the author's own perspective or argument on a particular topic or issue under discussion. Essays have customarily been sub-divided into two categories; formal and informal. The formal essays are considered as serious purpose, dignity, logically organized, and lengthy whereas the informal essays are characterized by aspects of a personal element (such as self-revelation, personal tastes, and involvements, confidential manner. Simply put, because essays are personal arguments of the authors, they have to introduce the topic, take a stand and defend the position with relevant points before the conclusion.


Essays are often written in colleges, Universities, and high schools and are often regarding a particularly important subject matter which proves sacrosanct to the essay. The ideas in an essay are always required to be informative and interesting to the reader. The main purpose of an essay is to gauge the creativity and innovativeness of a student and identify the areas that need refinement to better the skills and polish the linguistic capabilities of a scholar. Writing a professional and magnificent essay takes both time and talent. Therefore, the practice the of language and oratory skills takes the biggest chunk when it comes to language.


The power of a writer is in the use of language. The process of writing any custom essay begins with imagination. A writer has to create a story or imagine what he would like to express in the form of writing before he or she does the actual writing. After this, the writer is faced with the challenge of decision making. This is a very important step because it prompts the essay writer to think of ways of impressing the audience. This can stream from the daily occurrences in the contemporary world and steps or solutions which prove constructive in keeping such communal problems at bay.

Writing an essay is therefore three-stepped; the first of which the writer imagines through constructive thinking, makes a decision on the language to be used. S/he justifies the thoughts in light of the impact on the immediate audience and finally, puts the thoughts in writing in a favorable language which can be understood by the audience.


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