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Money Back Guarantee

Notably, many companies promise a Money Back Guarantee but fail to deliver on their promise when the time comes. We promise to deliver quality papers to you at writemyessayonlinehub. However, we still want you to FEEL SAFE when placing orders for work with us. This is the reason we offer you a Money Back Guarantee in the event that you decide to retract from an order you made or cancel the order at a specific stage.

Our money back guarantee allows you to request and receive part or full refund for an order if anything goes wrong on your side or our side. In this way we secure your interest and guarantee the safety of your finances. Writemyessayonlinehub enjoys overwhelming customer satisfaction. As a result, refund requests based on quality are rare; however, when customers make such requests, they get processed within a few days.

a.) Cancelling and Order

In the event that you decide to make a cancellation before your order is assigned to a writer, you have a guarantee of receiving up to 100% of the cost. However, if a writer is already assigned the paper, the refunded amount will depend on the deadline you stipulated. If less than half of the stipulated period has elapsed, you can receive up to 70% while you will receive up to 50% in the event that more than half the deadline has elapsed. This is because the assigned writers have to be paid for the extent of work they have already done. However, it is not possible to get cancellation refund if the paper has been delivered within the deadline you stipulated.

b.) Double Ordering and Double Payment

In the event that you make double payment for the same order or order for the same paper twice, place contact our support team immediately and one order will be cancelled and refunded or one side of the double payment be refunded.

c.) A Late Delivery of Orders

In the event that your order is delivered late and you still receive it, refund requests processed are based on deadline categories. For example, if you made an order and paid for 8 hours, and the order is late by one hour, it will then fall into the 24 hour category. In this case, a recalculation of the costs leads to a refund. On the other hand, orders that are late because the customer delayed to upload content or avail information needed are not eligible for refunds. If an order is late to the extent it can no longer be useful to you, you are qualified for a refund. This gets processed within 7 to 14 Days.

d.) Late Revisions

Original order lateness refunds and price recalculation do not apply to revisions since their deadlines get set separately as opposed to other lateness cases. When you request for a revision and the order is delivered late, you may qualify for up to 10% of refund of the original order. It is important that you order for a deadline that is at least 30% ahead of your true deadline to avoid late deliveries and late revisions.

e.) Poor Quality Papers

In the event that you feel completely dissatisfied with the paper, it is proper to make a request for a refund and a cancellation. However, this can only qualify when you have previously not approved the paper or downloaded it from the website. All such requests are evaluated by our professional editors and solved within 14 Days.

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