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Market Structure Analysis Writing (Oligopoly, Monopoly, etc)

Introduction Market Structure Analysis Writing (Oligopoly, Monopoly, etc)

            The business dictionary defines a market structure as interconnected characteristics of a market, such as a number and strength of buyers, levels of competition, and so forth. Typically, there are four types of market structure: oligopoly, monopolistic competition, monopoly, and perfect competition. Our online team of tutors is equipped with PhDs and Masters are able to guide you tackle your market structure assignments with much ease.

Brief Overview of the Different Types of Market Structures

Perfect Competition

            This Market structure contains many buyers and sellers who have no control over the prices. Also, there is ease of entry for new businesses thereby intense competition for existing businesses. Both consumers and sellers in this market have access to information about market conditions. Market Structure Analysis Writing (Oligopoly, Monopoly, etc)


            In this market structure, there are few firms that control the market and dictate prices of goods. There are high barriers to entry to this market such as huge capital and technological investment, making it hard for new businesses to enter the market.


            Here, there is the presence of a single seller that controls the market and sets the prices of goods or services. The monopoly enjoys presence of no competitors and is able to set prices based on prevailing market conditions

Monopolistic Competition

            Under monopolistic competition, there is the presence of many producers selling products that are differentiated from one another, hence imperfect substitutes for each other. In this market structure, firms have some or little control over the prices because of product differentiation. There is ease of entry of firms because of the existence of few barriers to entry.

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