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Logos Analysis Writing

Logos Analysis Writing

Introduction Logos Analysis Writing

            Normally, professors ask their students to conduct an analysis of the 'argument' that makes a text. In this case, the students are asked to consider rhetorical strategies used in writing. While analyzing rhetorical strategies, the concepts of 'logos,' 'ethos,' and 'pathos' are used in breaking down the rhetorical situation. This paper will concentrate on logos; which is often called a logical appeal or appeal to reason.

Writing a Logos Paper

            Logos analysis requires a student to identify a writer's attempt to appeal to logic or reason. In fact, the word 'logos' is a Greek word that means logic. Occasionally, an effective logos makes use of two distinct ways of thinking: inductive and deductive reasoning.

            A writer who employs inductive reasoning in his arguments uses specific representative fact or case that leads to a certain generalization. An effective inductive reasoning requires the application of powerful evidence that can strongly support a conclusion or generalization. For instance, a writer who cites information from a census bureau or government publication has used inductive reasoning to support his/her arguments.

            Alternatively, deductive reasoning requires a writer to generalize at the early stages of his/her arguments, before narrowing the discussion towards a particular case. Reliable evidence should support the initial generalization. Most of 'if-then' statements are present in arguments that are the product of deductive reasoning.

How to use Logos in Persuasive Writing

            So let's assume you have been asked to write a persuasive essay. This will require in-depth research so as to understand the various facets of logos and how it utilizes reason to appeal. Researching is one thing students find difficult because of the complexity of information available on the internet. Logos Analysis Writing

            To ensure your arguments uses logos to appeal to readers, use the information provided above regarding logos and its components. Besides, our team has provided a few hints and strategies that can help you write a more persuasive essay while utilizing logos. These are:

  • State the facts such as data and statistics.
  • Demonstrate that your side of argument is reasonable
  • Strictly adhere to the structure and content of a persuasive essay Logos Analysis Writing