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Literary Analysis Writing

Literary Analysis Writing


An analysis of literary work that involves argumentative investigation is called literary analysis. Even though literary analysis requires a writer to summarize a book or story, the major aim is not to write a report. Instead, it is the objective of literary analysis to carefully examine the author's options within the text such as themes, motifs, and so forth. A literary analysis paper should focus on explaining the significance of an author's specific choices within literature.

An effective way to conduct literary analysis is to regard an author's literature from your perspective. Moreover, instead of focusing on the author's intentions, consider developing arguments founded on any single term highlighted below.

  1. Character: Think of the character or discussed by the author. Ask yourself, who is the protagonist, antagonist, a minor character, static character, and dynamic characters.
  2. Allegory: Think of how the author has used characters to represent characteristics of humanity such as greed, bravery, honesty, and so forth
  • Connotation: Think of the implied meaning of word
  1. Denotation: Consider the dictionary definition of words used
  2. Diction: Examine word choices that imply meaning through use of definition, sound, look, rhythm
  3. Figurative language: Look at how words have been used to express meaning beyond 'real' meanings of words such as metaphors, simile, hyperbole, and personification
  • Setting: Consider the place and location of the action

Below are examples of literary analysis

Example of Story Summary Analysis
Robin Hood A character named Robin Hood considered stealing from rich people in an attempt to help poor members of the society The rich people of society used in the Robin Hood story symbolize the abuses of power that often result in inequality gap between the rich and the poor.

Formatting a Literary Analysis

While writing literary analysis essays, MLA format is the idea formatting style. Nonetheless, the formatting style depends on your professor's decision. Moreover, an eye-catching literary analysis essay should have:

  • A strong theses statement
  • In-depth explanation of quotes used
  • Use of credible, peer-reviewed sources

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