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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

WRITE MY ESSAY ONLINE HUB is an agency, which assists scholars in completing their assignments professionally. We have a wide client base composed of students from all countries with different ideals and cultural backgrounds. We also link the scholars at different levels of education with the professionals who have adequate knowledge and skills in their respective fields. Our main objective is the provision of quality service in varied fields such as; arts, sciences, law, business, psychology, philosophy, Mathematics, engineering, education, and architecture, just to mention a few of our majors. Importantly, our task covers client base at different levels of education such as masters, doctorate and undergraduate studies. We have a specialized professional team of writers, who assist scholars in their research work and ensure that the data so derived is logical and accurate. Are you applying for a job, scholarship, writing your term paper or in need of professional writing skills in your field of study? WRITE MY ESSAY ONLINE HUB is the agency to solve your application problems.

Working with WRITE MY ESSAY ONLINE HUB is quite simple. Students and researchers who need assistance are at liberty to apply for an order page by filling an order form. Each scholar or student is granted his or her own order page upon completion in filling the order form. Adequate instructions have been provided on the standard procedure of working with us. The payments ought to be made only upon completion of the orders that the client provides to the agency. We are very strict when it comes to submission of the orders and we therefore advice our clients to provide the accurate deadlines for the work that they provide.

The writers are assigned the orders based on their competence in regards to the field of education in question and the skills that the writers possess. In case the work has specialized demands in terms of software requirement or website, it is important that you mention this in the instructions to enhance timely flow of work.

It is highly unlikely that work should be delivered late because all work is done with competent persons with the adequate professional skills and knowledge to tackle such assignments. However, in case a special forum ensures, and work is delivered after the period allowable for such work, you are allowed to lodge a complaint to the customer care after which a refund is given. We highly value our relationship with our clients and therefore, it is highly unlikely that work is submitted past the deadline. Kindly, review the terms and conditions for our interaction with you, particularly the refund policy.

You are allowed to speak directly to the writer before, during and after your paper has been done. From your order page, the message box facilitates the communication between you and your writer in the course of doing your paper. You are at liberty to give new information regarding your assignment as the writer continues doing the paper. However, the interaction between you and the writer should remain professional for your own good. Avoid sharing contact information with the writer to allow WRITE MY ESSAY ONLINE HUB to assist you as per the terms and conditions of our policy.

The papers that we submit to you are free from plagiarism. The software that we use to detect plagiarism is updated and effective in detecting and doing away with all plagiarized work. The work that we submit to you is quality work and authentic with no cases of duplication of the work of other writers or scholars. You are free to check the papers that we submit to you for plagiarism. Our writers are professionals who value the authenticity of their work and hence, keep free from all forms of plagiarism. The level of competence provided by WRITE MY ESSAY ONLINE HUB is remarkable and centered on quality service provision for you.

The terms and conditions of our service are very confidential. Your information remains with WRITE MY ESSAY ONLINE HUB with no leak to a third party. Details regarding your name, email and phone number are requested for the purpose of enhancing the quality of service and providing constant update regarding the work, which is in progress. The payment details are only requested for upon completion of the order and only the administrator has knowledge of such services. Once a payment is approved, the administrator sends a confirmation notice to you detailing the amount payable.

You are allowed to submit your paper for revision at no fee in case the paper does not meet your standards. From the order page in which you communicate to your clients, you are allowed to state the changes need be made to the paper as many times as need be until the paper is as per the standard that you need. However, you are required to state your revision deadlines upon submission of the revisions to the writers.

Writers are professionals with research skills and education in wide spheres of influence. WRITE MY ESSAY ONLINE HUB has writers with PhDs, Masters and Graduate studies. The writers are assigned the orders depending on their field of study and their ability to deliver quality work. We match the right writer with the right task.


Please let us handle your paper. Our premium service gives you quality, well-written, timely, and proficient papers. In our custom papers, you have the guarantee of the highest standards with total conformity to your instructions and expectations.Besides, we keep in touch and respond to every query while accepting to offer you free revisions.


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