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There are different formats of writing which include: MLA, APA, Harvard, Turabian, and Chicago, which ought to be done correctly in the process of tackling assignments or research and course work. The formatting style that an academic paper takes depends on the institution and sometimes the country of origin. It is important to format the various works correctly to ensure that the course professor or lecturer grants the right marks and is satisfied with the scores of the student.

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Writing in MLA and APA Formats

Most students at universities and colleges prefer writing in MLA and APA as opposed to other formats. This, however, does not mean that the other formats are used by scholars too. This is mostly pegged on the instructions given by the course professor. APA is an acronym for the American Psychology Association. While using the APA format, a writer has to assure that the content is customized in that particular form and there is clarity and synchrony in the language use and premises pointed out.

APA format of writing has a page header and a title page; the page numbers are at the extreme top right of the first page. The first page in APA format is always the cover page bearing the students name, professor, and institution. The in – text citations are cited with the year of publication and the surname of a particular author. At the end of any APA document, there is a reference page.

The striking difference between MLA and APA formatting is that, in MLA, there is no cover page and the in – text citations are done with the page numbers of the particular author's words and the surname of the author which is contrary to the APA format. However, this format of writing does share some common attributes with APA format such as the page numbers, the name of students, professor, and institution and a "works cited" page is often placed at the very end of the paper.

Writing in Turabian, Chicago, and Harvard Formats

Chicago and Turabian formatting styles have a bibliography at the end of the paper and are written bearing footnotes. The footnotes mark the attribute which is uniquely pegged to Chicago and Turabian formats. Harvard is more like the APA style with a page header and the in – text citations are often done to express the page numbers which are not like in the APA format of citation.

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