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Critique Essay Writing Services

Critique Essay Writing Services: 

Whenever you are given a critique essay to write, we recommend that you do one something instantly, and that is, substitute the word evaluation for critique. Why? Because a critique and evaluation do the same thing.

Regardless of whether you call it a critique or evaluation, it is something that you do every day in your life, whether at the personal level or professional level. On the personal level, you might ask, 'is this the right outfit for the job interview?' Here, you are reviewing your outfit. But on the professional level, they are very important. For example, you are hiring someone, and ask yourself, 'what are the qualities that make this a team player in my workforce?' Here, you are critiquing a potential employee's skill set and fit for your company.

Let's look at the parts of a critique

  • Introduction

Unlike other introduction of other essays whose purpose is to introduce the pieces, the introduction of a critique is more complex. First, you have to introduce the author and title of work being reviewed. Besides, this part contains the author's main point or the 'take away.'

  • Summary

This is the summary of the whole work you are critiquing. When you write a summary, you act as an unbiased reporter providing an objective report of the author's overall point and written in the third person.

  • Evaluation

This is where you transition from being a reporter to a judge. You will use the following criteria during judgment: accuracy of information, the definition of key terms, hidden assumptions, clarity of language, logic, and organization, and common fallacies such as name-calling.

  • Response

Here, you are neither a reporter nor a judge, but rather yourself in this work. How do you that? simple. You ask yourself the following questions: where do I agree or disagree? What does the author get right or wrong? and would you recommend this work as a credible research source? Consider your response section as a miniature essay where your thesis is your opinion of the work.  

  • Conclusion

This section is the shortest. Its purpose is to remind the audience of the overall importance of the topic. Also, the conclusion section allows you to combine your rating with personal response to focus on overall strengths and weaknesses. Critique Essay Writing Services