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Cause and Effect Paper Writing

Cause and Effect Papers Writing

A cause and effect papers writing has a unique style of writing that requires a student to establish a situation in which an action led to an occurrence of certain effects. After identifying this situation, a student is required to provide a rationale to this occurrence as well as identification of patterns of why things turned out the way they did.

How to Choose a Topic in cause and effect essay writing

Choosing a topic in cause and effect papers is a simple task. Occasionally, students settle for major events in the course of their lives, such as the 2008 Great Depression or the rise of populism ideas across the developed countries.

Example of cause and effect essay writing Topic

For example, a cause and effect paper that focuses on the rise of populism ideas will centre around recent events such as the election of Donald Trump as the US president and the the UK pullout out of the EU bloc. The cause of the rise of populism ideas can be attributed to the widening gap between the rich and the poor as well as the influx of immigration brought about by increased terrorism attacks and poor living conditions. The effects of populism ideas include enactment of protectionism policies and increase in xenophobic attacks.

What if the Cause and Effect Paper is about a Large Topic

Typically, Cause and Effect papers are short essays. However, students may be required to write a Cause and Effect paper of a 'large' topic such as the Great Depression. This requires one to narrow down the topic to a handy size. When narrowing down a topic, it is important to consider the following questions:

  1. What is the major cause? The identified cause is the starting point for the essay
  2. Can the identified cause be broken down into categories?
  3. What categories are of importance?

cause and effect papers writing