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Case Study Analysis Writing

Case Study Analysis Writing

Case Study Analysis Writing is important to research work. Researchers that deploy case studies as their preferred methodology are able to understand complex issues because of its ability to make use of contemporary real-life situations. Before going further, it is important to define what a case study research is.

What is a case study research?

            Researcher Bromley defined case study as, 'a systematic inquiry into an event or a set of related events which aims to describe and explain the phenomenon of interest.'

            The varying number of units of study or cases has been a subject of heated debate in recent years. Some critics argue that small number of cases will jeopardize the research findings while use of large numbers of cases will make the case study design an explanatory tool. Whichever the case, writing a case study is a daunting task; and requires strong research skills.

Best approach in writing a case study research paper

            Writing such a paper begins by identifying an ideal topic to be investigated. Our online tutors will provide a writing guide on how to choose an ideal research topic since identifying a case is more than just indentifying a research problem. Typically, a case study research design entails a problem synthesized after an in-depth discussion that results in particular recommendations. The following considerations have to be assessed before deciding on a topic to be covered by the case study:

  • Does the case study require in depth analysis?
  • Is the case study providing an extension to previously identified problem?
  • Is there a clear opportunity for the case study to provide practical resolution to an identified problem?

Structure of Case Study Research

            After considering the above, it is now time to define the topic of the case study and start the research. A case study has a unique structure and students have to re-define their writing style to match this methodology. Normally, a case study begins with the introduction which provides the scope and purpose of the study, followed by the literature review section. Next, the methodology section expounds on the strategy used to define the case adopted to answer the research question. The next section is the discussion and finally the conclusion part.