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Business Plan Writing Help

Business Plan Writing Help

Business Plan Writing Help is our business. There are two good definitions found on the internet of a business plan and its objective. The is an excellent online website that contains articles about the context of a business plan. It defines a business plan as 'a written description of your business' future; a document that is synonymous to a firm's resume. Another reliable website,, defines a business plan as a written document that describes in detail how a business, usually a new one, is going to achieve its goals.

Writing Essays on a Business Plan

            Depending on the nature of your assignment, a business plan can be any length, from a page (in the case of you are asked to provide an overview of your plan) to more than 100 pages (if it is part of a theses/dissertation). Typically, students are asked to write business plans that are 15 to 20 pages, but that depends on the professor's instructions.

            Sticking to the standard business format is a simple way to make the best impression to your professor. In this case, you should imagine presenting a real-life business plan to an angel investor or government representative. Our online tutors will guide you on how to write a business format following a standard business plan outline.

This is our standards outline we use in writing business plans:

  1. Executive summary

This part summarizes the whole business plan, and allows a reader to gain a holistic view of the business plan. The summary highlights the problems the business plan intends to solve, financial forecast highlights, the target market, and the founding team.

  1. Products and services

This section provides the solution that the business plan intends to provide

  • Market analysis summary

This section examines the needs of the target market

  1. Strategy and implementation summary

Here, the market plan, sales plan, and strategic issues will be presented

  1. Company and management summary

This section presented the organization of your proposed business including members of the management team

  1. Financial plan

This section provides the projected Profit and Loss, as well as Cash Flow tables, the balance sheet, sales forecast, break-even analysis, financial ratios and financial assumptions