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| February 14, 2017

Mini Business Plan Requirements
Section 1 – Executive Summary-Last item done.
Give four points:
• Basic business
• Markets and segments
• Perceived competitive position
• Financial projections for start up needs
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Section 2 – Company Background:
• Name and type of Business
• Mission & Vision
• Form and status (takeover, franchise, etc.)
• Risk and opportunity
Section 3 – Management Team and Organization:
• Key people you will need to get the business started
• Describe who will lead the organization
• Describe your approach to organizing the enterprise
• Some thoughts on your leadership approach
Section 4 – The Financials:
• Estimate of a break-even
• Ballpark on operating costs (for the first year)
• Best case / worst case sales projections
• Simple Income Statement
Section 5 – Capital Required and Funding Sources:
• How much funding is required, and from where will it come? At what interest rate?
• How much of your own resources will you invest?
• How will these funds be used?
• Exit Strategy: How will you get “out” your investment- sell to investors, merge, IPO, etc.?
Section 6 – Marketing Plan with Industry Analysis:
• Briefly describe the industry – size, sectors
• What are the opportunities you perceive?
• Products or Services Features & Benefits (briefly)
• How will you differentiate
• Give your message
• Pricing strategy
• Who are the major competitors?
• How much market share do they have? What can you expect in first 2 years?
Section 7 – Target Market and/or Location Analysis
• Describe the Market Opportunity
• Identify potential customers / consumers and the traffic patterns if locating a brick-and
mortar business
• Any opportunities through segmentation
• Give a statement on the demographics.
Section 8 – Manufacturing Operations Plan:
• Briefly give idea about space and equipment needs
• Technology needs
• What do you need to run the business?
Section 9 – Appendix with Support Material
• Describe your plan to grow the business and the long-term potential
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• Ideas on how you will communicate your plan
• Any support materials including charts, tables, graphs, etc.
(NOT IN BOOK) Section 10 – Closing Statement: This is not in the book but very important to consider.
• Value proposition
• Why are you starting this business?
• What role or influence will your faith have in this business?

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