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Book Review Writing

Book reviews make up some of the most exciting areas of study. Primarily, Book Reviews Writing simply express personal reactions to the information revealed in particular books while at the same time addressing all the most important points in a book. Therefore, a book review is simply an individual’s reaction to an author’s book revealing areas of common belief or criticizing some thoughts as deemed. This is to imply that, book reviews ought not to necessarily be pro – authors’ personal statements and beliefs; it can also criticize the opinions and thoughts as presented therein. The book reviews are professional write-ups that mostly appear in magazines and articles, just to mention a few.


Book reviews need knowledge of the contents of a particular book to be reviewed. This means that the individual doing the book review should be conversant with the topic areas covered in the book and done further research with regards to the presentations of arguments and the premise which the author has chosen to incline self to. The structure is in the form of an introduction body and conclusion. The format should also accommodate some form of a summary of the works of the author revealing the sentiments presented in the book. The best way to write a book review is by capturing the main idea that the author presents in every paragraph, then finally criticizing the ideas based on personal beliefs, experiences, and research in a particular field. The review is completed with a description as a summary giving a detailed overview and giving a stance in reference to an entire debate.


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The writers comprehend the pivotal role that quality plays in our consultancy as a hallmark. Therefore, they take their time to read, re-read and understand the position of the author. This affords us the best opportunity of reacting or responding to the author. During the review, the writers take a position and defends it based on the data found in the book. As such, they either agree or disagree with what the authors posit in the books that we review. However, the most important way of achieving this is by looking at both ends of the argument to make a conclusive review that will meet the expectations of the customers as well as the instructions that your professor gives. Book review writing